It is quite common for people to experience anxiety attacks at night. Some speculate that this may be more common due the fact that you have bottled up a whole day of stress, your more tired and the brain is working over time.

One of the most frightening panic attacks that any panic attack sufferer can experience is a anxiety attack at night. These are attacks that generally occur during sleep, waking up the panic sufferer and bringing them out into an ongoing panic. It is both a frightening and confusing experience, with the biggest problem being the lack of preparation the panic sufferer normally requires. Waking up mid-panic can be hugely distressing, often breaking down many of the normal methods most panic sufferers use to control their panics.

The First Experience

Unfortunately the first experience with a anxiety attack at night is often the worst, and most people just have to ride out the panic. Afterwards however, the panic sufferer can begin to take steps to prepare for preventing any further panics. Time is the best thing for any panic sufferer, doubly so for those who experience a anxiety attack at night. Learning how to prevent a panic attack is perhaps one of the most important steps any panic sufferer can take. Learn to be patient, as it will take some time to develop the proper preventative techniques.

People that experience a anxiety attack at night have to be even more prepared than most normal panic sufferers. Learn to immediately begin calming methods, start your breathing exercises, and if possible try and get some fresh air. Most people who experience frequent panics at night like to keep their medications ready at hand. Some medicines are made to specifically calm a person down in a short period of time. For anyone with serious panic problems this may be an excellent method for helping deal with panic attacks. But as always, check with a doctor before taking any medications.

Reducing The Stress

Try to reduce your stress at night as well. Lots of couples tend to discuss family and relationship issues while they prepare for bed, and this may not be the best approach for people who suffer any form of anxiety attack at night. Also remember that diet and exercise can have a large impact on the occurrence, and severity, of panic attacks. If you are the type of person who eats late, or enjoys nightly snacks, then it may be time to reevaluate your habits. A healthy lifestyle can, in some cases, greatly affect how often a panic attack may occur. Always remember that panic attacks can be controlled; it helps to maintain a positive attitude, control your panic attacks don’t let them control you.

Some nights you may just want to take your mind off of your daily activities and do something you really enjoy. Perhaps watching a funny movie, or relax and listen to your favorite music. Which ever your choice make sure that it will help you take your mind off of things and help you to relax.

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