Anxiety and panic attacks are basically normal reactions to stress and they cannot be categorized into any kind of disease or ailment. Everyone, who goes through lot of stress in relationships or work, has these anxiety and panic attacks. These are normal reactions to things around but if the same thing goes a bit over board or becomes excessive then there is a need to worry.

If we go as per the statistics, then more than forty million of the American adult crowd (more than 18 years of age) has problems of anxiety and panic attacks. It is important that people, who are regular victims of these abnormalities, should go and visit their doctors for treatment and not treat the problem casually. These disorders are not very dangerous but they for sure create lots of other problems and make life difficult for the victim.

Though these anxiety and panic attacks are not exactly or cannot be termed as a qualified medical situation but these mental disorders have lots of other medical side effects. People with these problems are three to four times more likely to meet the doctors or are six times more likely to get hospitalized for psychiatric disorders. These mental disorders are very common and more likely to happen when compared to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcohol abuse or depression. People with these mental disorders are more vulnerable to physical health diseases.

The symptoms of these mental disorders could be many and would vary. If you have a pulsating or raging heartbeat or if you are finding it difficult to breathe and think that there is no enough air or oxygen around you for breathing, then it means that you could become a victim of this disorder in the future. Getting nervous, getting tensed or stressed, feeling terrorized or scared, trembling, sweating, choking, chest pains, heart palpitation, fear, fright, hot flashes, sudden chills, tingling sensation in the fingers or toes, fear of death, etc. are all other symptoms of this mental disorder.

There are lots of cures available in the market for such mental disorders and one can make use of them if they are going through these disorders. The treatments could either be in medication form or could be in the form of therapies and exercises. The kind of treatment that you need for anxiety and panic attacks would be known only after you consult a qualified doctor as he is the one who would decide as to which form of treatment will be best suited for curing this disorder.

There are lots of people who use anti depressants to tackle these mental disorders and at times they use them excessively too. Excess usage of anything could be dangerous and excess use of these anti depressants can also trigger mental disorders. There comes a stage when people become so dependent on these medications that they are not able to live even a single day without it. This craving for anti depressants can make them feel very tensed and restless if they do not get one. The lifestyle and diet of a person is also one of the major causes of panic attacks.
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