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a strong connection between anxiety and depression. Discovering the connection between anxiety and depression will help you to understand and overcome your disorder more easily.

Connection Between Anxiety and Depression

The terms anxiety and depression disorders are most often confused and related with each other. But in fact both have different meanings and are in fact the two different states of mental disorder. However, it is also true that sometimes anxiety may lead to depression or vice-versa.

According to a precise definition of anxiety, “It is basically a feeling of nervousness or un easiness, which creates a critical disturbance in the mental state, thus leading to the chronic or generalized anxiety.”

Anxiety disorder is a medical problem that can lead to mental illness. Such a disorder usually creates extreme terror & fear in one’s life. Besides this, it can generate a lot of mental strain on the brain. This stress if not treated well in time can tend to become a chronic stress. The common symptoms of anxiety include extreme pressure on the brain, heart palpitations and sweating. The different types of Anxiety disorders are:

Panic disorder OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) PTD (post-traumatic stress disorder) Social phobia Specific phobia Generalized Anxiety Similarly according to an accurate and precise definition of depression, “Depression is basically a medical disorder usually characterized by hopelessness, extreme feeling of sadness and irritability in temperament along with the lack of interest in life”.

Depression is categorized into three different forms:

Major Depression Dysthymia Bi-polar disease

Depending upon the varying temperaments, the mode of depression may vary from person to person. A depressed person may encounter the feelings of helplessness or he may fail to cope with this state. Thus, ultimately depression may end up with the feelings of anxiety.

Alternatively, it is the feeling of anxiety that is faced initially by a person and that tends to the state of depression. Such a situation mainly arises because a person fails to cope with these anxiety disorders. But, in fact both these disorders can lead to a serious disability factor in the brain.

Inter-Relationship Between Anxiety And Depression:

Both Depression and Anxiety are the serious mental ailments. A depressed person generally experiences low-energy state accompanied with the lack of interest in life. This ultimately results in anxiety disorder and the sufferer might face panic attacks.

Generally, both these disorders are cured in a similar way. To cure anxiety ‘antidepressant drugs’ are mostly used while ‘behavioral therapy’, often aids to overcome both these troubles.

Common Techniques To Overcome Anxiety And Depression

There are certain natural therapies which if followed appropriately will definitely help to overcome depression and anxiety disorders.

Intake of a Rich and Nutritious Diet:

It is always recommended to take a balanced diet in order to overcome depression and anxiety disorders. There are certain food ingredients that hike the anxiety level of a person. It includes sugar and some food additives. In addition to it, there are certain food supplements and herbs that help to calm down the nervous system. Some of such supplements include kava, vitamin B valerian teas and chamomile.

Follow Relaxation Techniques:

Anxiety and depression not only harm the mental state but also the physical well being of a person. Generally, it is recommended that a person should follow proper relaxation tips to overcome these troubles. Some of the significant relaxation tips include deep breathing, bio-feedback and the muscle relaxation. Regular exercising also helps in overcoming depression and anxiety. It minimizes the muscle tension, discharges frustrations & reduces the level of adrenaline in the blood, thus helps to overcome anxiety and depression.

By: Hailey Harris

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Hailey Harris is an expert in Anxiety after dealing with anxiety and other health problems for more than 8 years. Now free of panic attacks and severe anxiety she teaches others to do the same at . For free anxiety tips visit .

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