Panic disorder with panic attacks and acute anxiety have become either more common or more diagnosed in recent years. Panic attacks are generally accompanied with the following symptoms:

- Palpitations, pounding heart or increased heart rate.

- Sweating.

- Trembling or shaking.

- Sensations of shortness of breath.

- Feelings of choking.

- Chest pain or discomfort.

- Nausea or abdominal distress.

- Feeling dizzy, unsteady, light-headed, or faint.

- Fear of losing control or going crazy.

- Fear of dying.

- Numbness or tingling sensations.

- Chills or hot flashes.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps, but will rarely cure the problem. There are successful ways to treat panic attacks. It is not uncommon for patients with long-standing panic and acute anxiety to need only two or three visits. Untreated, the patient begins to worry even more about the implications of an attack (e.g., losing control, “going crazy”) and may start to constrict their daily activities

Although the majority of the mainstream treatment approaches largely depend on treating panic attack and anxiety disorder by using psychotropic drugs, these treatment approaches simply underestimate the root of the crisis. Many researchers now agree with the fact that there is a whole host of unique reasons that may actually trigger out panic attack in an individual. Each of them is unique in terms of demanding unique attention for it. So, quite obviously, there should be different ways to treat panic attack in question.

The medications used for treating panic attack can provide only a temporary relief from the symptoms, however, not a cure for life. In fact, they come with lots of complications that even turn out to be complicated in their own such as drug dependency, withdrawal complication and so on. In addition, these medications offer different side effects like dizziness, insomnia, agitation, etc that sometimes become tough to bear with. While prolonged usage turns out to develop critical condition like drug dependency or withdrawal, termination heightens the risk of relapse.

Considering these complications, many consumers and professionals increasingly shift their attention over finding out alternative ways to treat panic attack. Some of those approaches are truly effective which may include nutritional or supplemental treatment, breathing technique, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, psychotherapeutic intervention, etc. The most significant benefit one can enjoy by following these ways to treat panic attack is of course ‘absolutely no side effect’. These are indeed natural ways to treat panic attack that can effectively offer long term benefits without any sort of adverse side effects that mainstream medications do.

The most effective nutritional approach combines raw unprocessed food holding the major portion of the diet, non-hydrogenated and medium-range saturated fat and protein without any steroids, antibiotics or other additives or preservatives. One of the best ways to treat panic attack and restore health is of course to limit the consumption of caffeine, sugar, tobacco and alcohol.

Meditation aids in effective control of mind. It is a state of absolute awareness, while being reflective over each and every moment of experience including good, bad, painful or terrifying feelings. As suggested by different researchers, meditation is one of the greatest ways to treat panic attack by influencing reduced blood pressure, decreased heart and respiratory rate, enhanced blood circulation and other remarkable signs and symptoms of ultimate relaxation.

No discussion concerning alternative ways to treat panic attack seems complete so far without the topic of breathing technique. Almost all researchers in this field agree that employing slow and controlled breathing technique prior, post or during a panic attack has probably no other alternative. In combination with hyperventilation and systematic desensitization, professionals offer help to people suffering from panic attack and anxiety disorder.

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