In its most serious form, Agoraphobia can be very debilitating and lead to poor emotional wellbeing. If you dread exiting your dwelling as you may have a panic attack then you may end up increasingly cut off from the outside world. Read on to find out how to manage with Agoraphobia and confront your dreads about departing your house.

Step 1: Identify the circumstances you evade

Think over the kinds of places that make you feel anxious and result in you avert it. They may be swarming places such as supermarkets or cinemas or perhaps tight spaces such as cars or elevators. You may consider these conditions to get support or flee if you were to have a panic attack. It is important that you know the places you avoid.

Step 2: Confront the conditions

The next step is to gradually confront these circumstances. Start with the situation that is the least anxiety provoking and work your way up to the conditions that makes you feel the most anxious. It is important to remain in the situation for as long as you can, even if you are highly anxious, because if you leave whilst stressed then those circumstances will continue to be linked with dread. Panic attacks, generally heighten at about ten minutes as your body cannot remain in a highly dreadful state for prolonged periods of time. This takes a lot of energy. So try and stick it out and eventually these situation will become less dreaded as you will be able to endure them for longer periods of time.

Step 3: Celebrateyour successes

It is important to reward yourself for your successes. It is tough facing your worries and even if you have only persisted for one minute in a situation before escaping, that is okay because it is one minute longer than you would have faced had you evaded it. Try not to focus on the failures. Don’t stress about the four minutes you didn’t last, congratulate yourself for the one minute that you did. Your goals should be realistic, small and achievable towork on and then you must reward yourself for any progress that you make.

You have learnt how to face your dreads and dealing with agoraphobia disorder so that you can leave the house. Facing your fears won’t solve all your difficulties though, so follow this link to find out about more treatment options for Agoraphobia.

Self Help for Agoraphobia

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