Nowadays, it is not unusual for many people from all walks of life to be afflicted with attacks of panic and anxiety.

When the term is referred to as a ‘panic or anxiety disorder’, this simply means that the person has suffered or continues to suffer with on going attacks.

To get help for panic attacks means initially understanding what the start of the attacks was caused by.

Realizing that you may be having panic attacks along with when and where they occur will aid you to seek help for panic attacks much more effectively.

And by knowing the sequence of when the attacks take place should aid to stop them before they begin. Once you are in the middle of a full blown attack is not the ideal time to avoid it.

To have help for panic attacks can be as simple as knowing what to do before they kick in. Some type of distraction should be employed by trying to focus your mind on another subject, even a silly subject, if you realize a panic attack is about to occur.

Being prepared is the key and knowing in advance what to think of to distract yourself works better than trying to think of something when the attack starts. Have a group of things to think of, such as:

A loved one

A place you like to visit

A favourite town or city

A joyful event in your past

Having fear is the most negative thing when it comes to help for panic attacks. Understand that it is VITAL to take command of your fear. Fear creates side effects like rapid heart rate and light headedness. Again, being prepared will bring confidence and in return, reduce fear.

Other symptoms during a panic or anxiety attack is feeling tightness in the chest area coupled with an erratic and unnormal breathing pattern. Try learning and practicing breathing exercises in advance.

Knowing how to breathe properly if an attack occurs will arm you with more confidence to face any attack head on, knowing that, as usual, you will be ok at the end of it.

If it helps, write down your thought distractions and breathing exercises and carry them with you like a plan.

This can help for panic attacks as for some people, the mind is not clear when an attack happens and all the well laid out plans in your head are forgotten. If you can remember to reach for the written plan and follow the instructions, this alone can serve as a useful distraction and will help quell any attack quickly. Write down the list of distractions that work for you and always keep a copy on your person. You can not always trust yourself to recite the plans in your mind when a panic attack is in full swing.

Hopefully, these words will have given you some help and advice to overcoming panic attacks. Do not let panic attacks ruin your life. They can be cured but only if you think they can be cured.

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