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Many people want a natural cure for panic attack problems. For many years, drugs and counseling have been the only panic attack remedy available for sufferers. But now there are a variety of remedies available right from your own home. After discussing risk factors, causes, and diagnosis with a medical professional, you can consider working some of these natural techniques into your life.

Reduce Life Stressors

One important way to reduce the frequency of panic attacks is to reduce the level of anxiety or tension in your daily activities. Lowering the amount of stress in your life is an easy first step to reducing the amount of panic attacks. Spend more time doing the things you love to do and less time doing the things that you do not like doing. Of course we all still have to go to work, but after a long day of work, spend your evenings doing what makes you happy. Soon your day of work will be filled with anticipation over your evenings instead of anxiety over work.


Relaxation exercises can also be a great way to reduce your stress levels and may even fend off a pending panic attack. Continually test your relaxation abilities to help build your skills in this area. Doing your relaxation exercises on a daily and consistent basis will reduce your overall stress level. Carve out a specific time of day that is just for you. It will soon become a time that you look forward to everyday.


Exercise is a great stress reliever for your body. Regular exercise will get your heart rate up and your endorphins moving. Your body will be able to get rid of toxins faster and relax easier when you stick to a regular exercise program. You do not need to run a marathon, just try to get your heart rate up at least three times per week for 30 minutes or more.


Although many people are anxious about seeking help from a support group, they can often be the best help for an anxiety disorder like panic attacks. Being able to talk with others who are going through the same things can be very helpful. The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) has meetings in hundreds of cities across the country.


Drinking plenty of water will help flush toxins out of your body and eating healthy foods will keep your body operating at its best. Avoid high sugar and fat foods, as they will cause a build up of toxins in your body. Eating a balanced diet has always been a recommendation for people suffering from anxiety disorders, but it is generally a good idea for everyone!

Incorporating natural remedies into your panic attack treatment is easy and can be done gradually. Simply pick one thing and start doing it slowly. If you start incorporating exercise into your life and are able to stick with it, then add eating a balanced diet to your plan. Slowly try to incorporate all five natural remedies and you will quickly be on your way to a newer healthier you!

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