We are all subjected to almost the same kinds of pressures, stresses and demands of modern life. Unfortunately not everyone is equipped with the same ability to cope with these stresses and many of us will need some form of anxiety help in our lifetime. You can offer your family and friends who suffer from anxiety not just empathy but also anxiety help. You need not worry about taking on an emotionally difficult task because all that is really needed from you is to be there for the person along with a few practical tips.

Offer Reassurance

When a person is suffering from anxiety attacks they will feel a sense of doom and unhappiness for no particular reason.For example you may be in an innocent setting such as a coffee shop when your friend has an overwhelming sense of dread for no perceptible reason. The best thing you can do for your friend in such a situation is to offer your reassurance that they are safe and support them until the feeling passes. When you know the person well enough your presence and calming words may be enough to help them with their anxiety episodes.

Relaxation Help

The physical signs of a typical anxiety attack include rapid and shallow breathing, profuse sweating, fast heartbeat, headaches and vomiting. Seeing such symptoms may be scary for for family or friends. However, once you get over your mild shock at such symptoms, you can offer anxiety help in terms of assisting the person overcome said physical signs. You should ask the person to take slow, deep breaths to help slow their breathing. You should also lead the person to a quiet place. In this way, you can continue to provide anxiety help.

Ask for Help

If the person can talk to you coherently, you should also ask for his anti-anxiety medications and the number of his doctor. That way in a worst case situation if you cannot calm the person yourself you will know who to call to offer help with your family member or friends anxiety attack. With these tips you should be able to offer anxiety help to family and friends when faced with an anxiety attack. You may even be their lifeline at that particular point in time as you can help them overcome what to them, and you, is a very frightening situation.

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