Yesterday we gave you an overview of the site and the tests on offer. Today onwards we shall take a test each day and tell you all about it. We shall start with a test which is easily the most popular on our site – The Complete Personality Test. Besides being the most popular it also is the oldest test on our site.

Personality has various meanings depending on the context in which it is used. One definition of personality is “A person’s distinguishing character traits, attitudes, or habits”. This is the most appropriate for us as our test throws light on these very things. Another question which is often asked of us is why the test is named ‘Complete’ Personality Test. The answer is simple; unlike some of the other tests which focus on a particular aspect of your personality, this test looks at the sum total of all aspects and forms a personality profile based on that.

The test studies the four basic aspects or traits of human personality – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness & Compliance. Because of the acronym this test is also often referred to as the DISC test. In this test the user is asked a question and from the four options given he has to choose the one most applicable and the one least applicable. This serves a dual purpose. It tells the test what the user is most inclined towards and what he is least inclined towards.

Taking all the above answers, the test measures how he scored in each attribute. Now a personality profile is prepared on the basis of the combination of his scores. For e.g. a high Dominance score coupled with a high Influence score would give one result, whilst a high Dominance score with a low Influence score would give a different result. This way a user comes to know if he has a personality profile of an ‘advisor’, ‘thinker’, ‘challenger’, etc.

While on the topic of personality tests we must also mention fun tests. These personality tests range from fun to bizarre. For e.g. the music personality tests which find out your personality on the basis of your taste in music. Another interesting type is the food personality tests which makes a connection between your personality and the food you eat. It goes without saying that these tests are not scientifically valid. However their purpose is to entertain and this they do very well.

The user is also shown a list of strengths or weaknesses that are present in people with his profile. He is told of how he can work on these weaknesses for better professional & personal success.

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