1. Change the way of your thinking. This is the most important step towards an optimistic lifestyle. If you have the desire to do what you are doing you just have to sincerely believe in yourself.

2. Do not allow the others to interfere with your case. Not everyone thinks like you do. You may receive advices from the other people that run counter to your goals. Ignore them.

3. Do not pretend. Just be honest with yourself.

4. Be kind. Believe in people, not all people are bad.

5. Get ready for a fight. The fact that you keep an optimistic outlook on life does not mean that everything will always be easy. Be prepared to meet problems face to face and deal with them.

6. Take failure. Anyone in the world and in history is facing in his life, at least one failure. Take your failures, learn from them and they also can become a great experience for you.

7. Do not aspire to excellence. When striving for something in life, above all, start with yourself and with your values.

8. Optimism is not a utopia. But there are many obstacles along the way and you have to work hard.

9. Optimism can improve your life. You would like your life on the road to self-improvement, in spite of the difficulties which you had to meet.

10. The key factor is motivation. You must live for something and have the motivation to achieve goals.

11. Think more than just positive. Smile often and openly, and love the people around you.

12. You should always look for something positive. In any bad moments in your life you can find something positive. As they say “every cloud has a silver lining.” This is a great opportunity to become an optimist.

13. Look back. Collect and remember your past experience and how you had solved the problem.

14. Believe in yourself. Know that you can do anything. And sincerely believe in your strength.

15. Less talk, more do. Words that are not backed up by deed do not make you an optimist.

16. Combine the positive thinking and self-improvement. When you combine all your self-improvement and a positive outlook on things, you will see huge improvements in health, in your appearance and personal qualities.

17. Make the perception of life through the prism of optimism as a habit. As you know, the habit becomes the second nature.

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