1. In the worst is always good. Every cloud has a silver lining, in other words. Evil is not unique and does not exist apart from the good. All that we call grief and suffering always has a positive effect. Therefore you should never lose heart. There is not and has not been the history of mankind such a case that after a black band should not be white.

2. There is no success without enemies. Keep this in mind and when you see the first enemy, you know – you are at the first step for success. I’m not talking about fans; I’m talking about people to whom you should have no respect – about your enemies.

3. Beware of miserable people. These are people who constantly complain that their problems are spreading to others. They stay hard and they are very bad for your every endeavor. As a rule, it is very envious people.

4. Learn to say “no”. This is the most useful word in your life.

5. Operate continuously. Be passionate in your business. People, who are in constant motion, attain an unambiguous success in life. But do not think about laziness as an enemy. Laziness is an opportunity to understand your case objectively. Even when you watch a movie and it would seem, completely passionate about them, you still think about the business.

6. Envy – Your real enemy. Inability to master it and really sincerely communicate with successful people will destroy you. It is very important. Only when you wake up in the ability to think objectively – then you become truly successful.

7. There is no greater mistake than “take care of friends – they’ll come in handy.” Comprehend and understand that it is not. Those whom we call friends are the people. When you move forward, they will remain in the past.

8. Your stronghold, your all is a family. The really strong, large family is the key to success in life. It is your support and your support. There is no greater incentive to move forward than the admiration of women and the need to educate children. When you succeed, only the family will stay with you.

9. You cannot achieve absolute success of the team. As a rule, it is claimed people in the beginning of its course towards success. On what happens next, people are usually silent. And the truth is one – there is just one person on the top.

10. In the life of every man’s women play enormous role. Many are closed on this, as lazy, scared or simply cannot find an approach to them. Communicate with the most beautiful women. Contrary to popular belief about their “rock” they are the strongest motivator for reaching the most inaccessible, seemingly goals.

11. The ability to separate the wheat from the chaff of people and their advice is a very important quality. Sometimes a person speaks only to speak. In dealing with people never take for granted everything that they say. Do not look at appearance, not look at the pathos. Pay attention only to their case.

12. Do not burden yourself with lies. It’s uncomfortable and just to interfere with life. Be honest in everything. Be honest, even if you know that it can hurt. Pain is not always bad. White lie is not true and never will be true.

13. Convince people that they will succeed. Do so that you do not have emanated from hopelessness. Friendliness and love for positive communication, good will to people – this is the bonus, which is not many. Meanwhile, it is very easy to acquire. It is enough to learn to give thanks.

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