Hi.  I’m Mike Dennison and I’m the admin here at Panic Self Help Central.  I started this site after I saw people in my life who were suffering from various anxiety disorders and were not being well served by the medications that their doctors were providing. 

I talked to my friends and family who were experiencing these anxity disorders and I noted that many of them had one thing in common.  They weren’t changing their lifestyles and none of them were dealing with the root cause of their problems.  They were relying on the advice of their doctors and taking their medicine without question even though for some the side of the effects of the medicine were worse than the panic attacks.

I started researching and found information on many nutritional and lifestyle changes that could be made that could help my friends and family to not need their medicine or at least need lower dosages.  Because of who I am though, I started this blog to help me keep researching and to help more people than just my friends and family.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy yourself while on this site and find something that can help you in your life.




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